PROCUS Rush 2 0 4K HD Action Camera

PROCUS Rush 2.0 4K HD Action Camera

To capture all your sweet moves, use the PROCUS Rush 2.0 4K HD Action Camera. This action camera has all the abilities you want out of an adventure camera. This sports camera can take 4K videos at 60fps so you can capture the minutest details. Additionally, the Procus rush 2.0 action camera comes with built-in wifi so you can share all your photos and videos wirelessly. This hi-resolution camera is waterproof and can withstand extreme conditions, Equipped with IP68 waterproof case durable underwater to 100 Feet (30m), Rush is ideal for water sports like swimming, drifting, surfing etc. activities. It also comes with a wireless wrist remote for controlling the camera, start and stop recording, or framing shots at your convenience.
The pack includes: 1 Action Camera, 1 Waterproof case, 1 Accessory Bag, 1 Bicycle Bracket, 1 Back Flip, 1 J Mount(Pedestal), 1 Helmet Pedestal (curved), 1 3M Tape, 1 Battery (apart from 1 inside the camera), 1 Ribbon, 1 Switch Support, 1X Fixed Base + Communicator, 1 Shell, 1 Wire Cable, 1 Data Cable, 1X Bandage Pack of 4, 1 Remote and 1 Charger Adapter.

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